We create all our music and lyrics without compromise, thats why we decided to record, mix and produce everything ourselves.

Dreamborn was formed in the late 2013 as a jaming project to pass the time and vent some steam.

In may of 2015 they decided to make something more of it and Seven Deadly Sins was created.

The band is already hard at work on their second album.

The story will continue…

Goran Radočaj

Born in Osijek, Croatia some time ago…

Started practicing music at the age of six. Went to music school Franjo Kuhač where he played the Croatian national instrument Tamburica.

Later on he picked up singing and formed Savage Harmony which would eventually lead to Dreamborn.

He recorded, mixed and mastered the entire album with Hrvoje Hrženjak.

Saša Cvitkušić

Saša was born a long long time ago in the old millenium…

His main position in the band is playing the bass.

He started playing  at the age of 15 in various groups and after some time he formed Savage Harmony with Goran Radočaj that lead to Dreamborn.

Apart from playing he is also helping the band by making videos.

Ana Radočaj

Ana was born in Osijek, nobody knows exactly when…

She started playing guitar when she was about 12 years old.

“I started on classical Yamaha guitar and after 5 years of classical music it was time for a change.I bought an  electric guitar and started playing metal.”

In highschool she formed her first band.

“We played a lot of Nightwish covers.”

In 2013 she and Goran got married and with their two best friends they created Dreamborn.

Hrvoje Hrženjak

Born in Osijek, Croatia.

The youngling of the Band.

His main position in the band is playing keyboards.

However, alongside Goran Radočaj he is also the recording, mixing and mastering engineer for the album Seven deadly sins.

Although he finished five years of Franjo Kuhač elementary music school for accordion when he was a child, he only started learning how to play keyboards at the age of 20.